Automated Web UI & Functional Testing for non Engineers

We help you create easily maintainable automated tests with just a few clicks & no code
Make the most of your time, automate those repetitive manual testing tasks

Tired of updates that break things?

Core Features

Visual Test Case Builder

Create the tests directly in the browser, on page, with no code, no software to download, no extensions to install. Just enter the entry point URL and the intuitive interface will help you easily get from a chore to a choice.

End-to-End Tests

Replicate real user behavior on your website and verify that everything works as it should. Simulate actions like clicking UI elements or form filling, but you can easily advance to more complex user journeys.

Visual Regressions

Assert a selected area of the page will or will not change it’s visual aspect. The test will visually compare the actual page with the expected result. Minor code or content changes can have a big visual impact.

Scheduled Runs

Schedule tests to automatically run on a specific interval. Like a routine health checkup, just for your web app. There’s never enough time to test everything and errors can sneak in. Set it & forget it, until it fails.
Know when. Understand why.


Know when the things don’t work as expected, react fast. Get notified by email when tests fail or when even when they pass. We can also POST the tests result to a Webhook.

Detailed Logs & Screenshots

When a test fails a full page screenshot is captured and on each test execution we log more info like the console messages or the DOM state, to help you easier understand the problems and address quickly.